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  1. Gizmo

    Center Stand

    Thanks for your input Knob, much appreciate it!
  2. Gizmo

    Upgrade in power

    Guess I'll just to give Honda at the home office a call then or maybe in Japan. (You know how meticulous the Japanese are.) And isn't it strange that this 'bump' doesn't occur when you use the manual mode for shifting. (Same engine, right!)
  3. Gizmo

    Upgrade in power

    I would be interested in finding out what Honda has to say about the 'bump!' (What causes it) I ran a 2011 NT700VA for many years with the exact same motor and NEVER had a 'bump!'
  4. Gizmo

    Upgrade in power

    It seems to me and everyone I have heard from that owns a DN01 is that whenever you 'slow down' at about 50 mph, you get a 'bump' from the tranny ... as it's shifting from 6th to 5th. Am I wrong here or what? What you seem to be describing is a TOTALLY different animal (from the engine itself).
  5. Gizmo

    Faulty dipped headlight

    Thought you had fallen off the map ... hadn't heard from ya! Good to know that you can 'see again!'
  6. Gizmo

    Faulty dipped headlight

    True but you are right ... 2 faulty bulbs being bad! POSSIBILITY that 'something' is 'frying' the bulbs when you plug them in. Been there! Further T/S maybe necessary IF the bulbs (in the pack) were good to begin with! Keep us posted as to how it goes and IF you are able to solve your dilemma...
  7. Gizmo

    Faulty dipped headlight

    Check the voltage to the bulb via the plug that connects power to the bulb. (About 12 volts DC .... voltage there, bulb is BAD!!) Bulb will be hot when voltage is applied and DO NOT TOUCH the bulb with your fingers, oil from your fingers will shorten the life of the bulb .... use a cloth to hold...
  8. Gizmo

    I need faults codes

    Although it's recommended you take your motorcycle to a professional with the correct diagnostic tools, you can read the DTC / fault codes on the DN-01 with the "paperclip trick". Remove the passenger seat by inserting the key into the side key slot located underneath your LEFT BUTT CHEEK...
  9. Gizmo

    Engine Stutter

    I agree
  10. Gizmo

    Engine Stutter

    Just wanted some feedback on trying something ELSE with the Dino. (I have only had my DN01 for the last 10 years ... IF that tells you anything!) AND I run the shit out of it on the Interstate!
  11. Gizmo

    Engine Stutter

    DCT is a TOTALLY different animal than the HFT. From your description of slowing down ... you HAVE a PROBLEM!! HFT does not do that IF it's working properly. At roughly 50 mph (de-accelerating), you will feel a 'bump' as it shifts from 6th to 5th but that's it! You need to investigate further...
  12. Gizmo

    Engine Stutter

    Thank you for that info .... I believe removing the O2 sensor has no real benefit to performance. A few have tried and reported not much improvement ... if any.
  13. Gizmo

    Wiring Diagrams or Color schematics

    Thank you
  14. Gizmo

    Buyers guide / common faults?

    Thanks for the info
  15. Gizmo

    11 Jahre DN01

    Es tut mir leid zu hören
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    Funds were taken out of my checking account via PayPal 6 days ago and it has yet to be posted on this site/forum. What gives?? 'Unconfirmed' meaning what??
  17. Gizmo

    Engine Stutter

    Shifting from 6th gear to 5th .... strange, I know. I believe the sensor that they are talking about is the one on the Catalytic Converter (Oxygen sensor/ O2) that IF you remove the Converter, you have to 'lie' to the 'computer' of the Dino to make the bike 'still' run right. I THINK! Many...
  18. Gizmo

    Engine Stutter

    Does it happen around 50 mph when you are slowing down?? IF this is true .... PERFECTLY NORMAL!! ALL Dinos do this! (It's the tranny)
  19. Gizmo

    Hello from Campbell River, BC

    I have the Givi windshield on mine, it's GREAT!! I normally cruise at 80 mph with NO wind problem! I have been known to crank it up to top end (occasionally) on the Interstate ... just because!
  20. Gizmo

    Hello from Italy

    Thank you DNSarnia for the help, I ran out of ideas and options to tell Gioprimo.