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  1. chornbe

    Odd parts

    No, they're car brake pads.
  2. chornbe


    Those side cases still available...?
  3. chornbe

    How many DN01?

    USA, mid-Atlantic region. 9k000748
  4. chornbe

    Honda OEM Taller windshield?

    I'll happily swap you my Givi for your stock one if you still have it.
  5. chornbe

    Slightly wider tire? or any tire siggestions?

    It seems that the entire aftermarket agrees that 120 is a fine tire for this bike. Literally the only reference I've found to 130 is the honda owner's manual. Most of the "what fits my bike" and recommended-pairings for it use a 120/70 and 190/55 set. ** shrug ** To expand on tire sizing...
  6. chornbe

    Slightly wider tire? or any tire siggestions?

    Mine has a pair of 120/70 + 190/55 Pilot Road 4s on it and handles like a dream. The minor size differences aren't enough to affect the profile to the point of any real world differences. Just buy regular sized modern tires and put zero more thought into it.
  7. chornbe

    Highway Speeds question

    I have a Givi windshield I will happily give to anyone if you can swap me your stock one.
  8. chornbe

    WTB: stock windshield in the USA

    I'm located in Delaware, but happy to pay shipping for a reasonably priced factory windshield in decent-enough shape. Thanks.