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    Check this link

    Hello there, Here i am posting the links of the books which gives you the details of motocross riding. It includes many details of stunt riding also. Anyways i had ordered through net and waiting for the book. We can select which one we want. Feel free to drop me queries. Thanks for your time.
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    Yamha RxZ parts needed

    Hello there, I had posted earlier searching for my bike parts of Yamaha Rxz.. No results yet. So the peoples residing in India, please give me details of the shops where i can get the spare parts of Yamaha Rx z.Thanks for your time.
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    Next month..

    Hello there, I saw in posters and flexes that mud race is going to conduct next month. Not sure about the dates. Its been sponsored by MRF tyre company. The venue will be at Cochin,Kerala.
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    How is the spring be tensioned?

    Hello there, For t stunt what kind of center shock should we fix. and after fixing should the spring be tensioned or let it be loose.
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    T stunt mania for me.

    Hello there, I like to get the basics of t stunt. i saw that in Australia and became a menace for me to do that. As a beginner what should i do. Thanks for any replies.
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    Yamaha is going to launch R6 in India

    Hello all, i heard that Yamaha is going to launch R6 in India with 250 cc. The top speed will be 150kmph. I just read it from auto magazine. Is it true. When is it going to launch here? Thanks for your time.
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    Hitman movie sucks

    Hello there, I was a big fan of the hitman game and went to see that movie with lots of expectations. It was crap from the beginning.Lots of technical mistakes and l can list out many. I would say that the movie spoiled the fame of game. About 'I am legend'. Its Ok. Whats your opinions. thanks...
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    Spare parts unavailability..

    Hello there, I own a Yamaha RxZ motorbike. Since it has been stopped production. It is very rare to get the parts. If anyone knows the availability of spare parts in India,Please do tell me. Thanks for your time.
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    Hello there,

    Hello there, Thanks for all for letting me to know about this forum. My name is Shaun and i am from India. One of my friend told me about his site. Cheers to all and lets share our different views together.