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    corbin seat and bacvkrest capsule

    here is my wife's bike I have fitted a Corbin seat and a backrest capsule(its for storage as well 35l)
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    bleading the brakes

    can someone tell me if you can bleed the brakes as normal or do you need the dealer tool to plug in for the abs reset or is it not needed?
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    I have put these on my bike and they are great, no more diving in the corners firm feel to the road but still a nice soft ride. I have only adjusted them to the first marker, so if you want a firmer ride you can adjust them more...
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    steering head set bearings

    I just changed the steering head set bearings for tapered set. I had tried 2 different tyres and wheel balances to try and get ride of the wobble in the front end and also adjusted the stock head set bearings but still had the wobble. so I installed the tapered set of bearings and it fixed the...
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    power commander

    has anyone put a power commander module on there bike. if so did it make much of a difference I have a k&n air cleaner and a original motion pipe and a o2 sensor bypass plug and it runs better than stock but would like to know if a power commander would make much of a difference.
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    clear blinker lenses

    can you buy clear front blinker lenses,that would replace the amber ones? if you google dn01 photos there are a few photos of them with clear lenses but i think these were the prototype bikes?
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    brake pads

    are the dn 01 brake pads front and rear unique or do other models of bikes fit the same pads. as usual Honda want my first born for them so i thought i might be able to look else where,any help please
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    Scraping the pegs

    I scraped the pegs recently for the first time in an 80Km corner, scared the life out of me, and stupidly I stood the bike up mid corner. Luckily there wasn't anyone in the next lane, it gave my husband, following me, a minor heart attack, but I recovered. Has anyone else done this yet? I have...
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    Back rest

    I just had the Utopia backrest installed, and am very happy with the way it looks. It took a few rides and adjustments but now I am happy with the position of it. It makes an enormous difference on the freeway, I don't feel the wind nearly as much. Hopefully going to make long rides much more...
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    final drive cover

    i have wanted to change the final drive cover(plastic cover over the shaft drive) and i haven't been able to find something that looks better than the plastic std one. i contacted a carbon fibre company that does a lot of carbon fibre parts for bikes,they said they would do one if i could get at...
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    handle bar wobble

    when riding my bike if i take both hands off the handle bars there is a slight wobble in the handle bars. i have noticed that their isn't any wheel weights on the front rim. does anyone else have this problem and do they have wheel weights on the front wheel. regards Stacey
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    dno1 exhaust

    hello all, has their been any more news on exhausts(mufflers) for these bikes and has anyone removed the catalytic converter and put a straight slip on muffler?(i know this is illegal) i would like to buy a exhaust but would like a bit more feed back as what you think would be the best one to...