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  1. Knob

    OEM Higher Type Windscreen Wanted

    Hi all! Does anybody have this Honda OEM higher (straight) version of windscreen spare?I'm willing to purchase this kind of screen. I can offer also the curved OEM screen in exchange. Preferebly in EU but all other possibilities will also be considered.
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  3. Knob

    These three words...

    These three little words we usually do not expect to find on a motorcycle "Made in Japan" :) Quite well hidden, but there they are:
  4. Knob

    Rattling noise coming from cockpit

    I was for some time wondering about some rattling noise coming from somewhere cockpit area while starting to move the bike and on slow speeds. It feels like kind of related to engine rpm, but not directly, not always and the rattling disappears when road speed is getting a bit higher than 15-20...
  5. Knob

    History bits of DN-01

    Was lurking around and found some bits of historycal background of the DN-01. We probably all know that famous scooter Honda Juno 1962 where similar transmission was used. But the motocross RC250MA 1991 was news at least for me. The swash plate tilting electric motor look very familiar.
  6. Knob

    HFT Swash Plate electric motor

    It seem the HFT swashplate moving electric motor will live on DN for about 100k km, maybe a bit more. And then it seems to fail, at least in some cases. Mostly the motor's permanent magnets seem to break loose. This small electric motor is a soft spot of the DN-01. Without this motor the DN will...
  7. Knob

    Recalls for DN-01

    Didn't find much information about recalls for the bike, so I'll open this new branch. Our italian colleagues pointed a website related to Honda recalls. It seems to give some information about european models at least, you may try enter VIN's of other areas models also...
  8. Knob

    Camera mount for DN-01

    Got the Tomtom Bandit action camera. Was thinking some long time, how it would be possible to install it on DN. The helmet installation is off the list as modification of helmet is first illegal and secondly it will make wind noises and third I dislike the jumpy image coming from helmet camera...
  9. Knob

    Touring version? Was it real?

    Respectful Common Knowledge from FB took a look at the photo and said out oppinion, that on the left side of the photo below is kind of a "touring version" of DN-01 Honda produced for some (unknown yet) market area. Question goes: had anybody seen with their own eyes this touring version of DN...
  10. Knob

    Speed numbers not correct (Speedo Healer)

    In one point those small things start to annoy, especially if there appear not only single one of them. Like speedometer showing wrong. Nowadays everybody seem to drive relayd on speed numbers based on GPS readings, at least so it looks on road. I did check and noticed DN speedometer shows...
  11. Knob

    Engine thermometer

    Anybody missed engine thermometer? Well, I had engine thermometer on all my previous bikes and use to those. It was unpleasant to find out in case of technically so developed DN there is not such a thing. The overtemperature indication light is unadequate, softly said. So I installed the engine...