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    WTB: Left Footrest

    The entire assembly, that’s the actual plate, rubber, hinge and tubular mount bracket to frame. Offers of individual items also welcomed. All totally missing on the bike I have acquired.
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    Lower subframe mounting

    I'm rebuilding a DN-01 from parts after it was dismantled by someone else and I'm struggling with the above and cannot determine the exact order of the fixings. So hope someone familiar with this, or who could simply have a look at their bike and advise me. Where the lower struts of the...
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    Although I am in the UK, I am rebuilding a US market bike (i.e. no HISS) and just realised the ECU is missing. That's the main ECU, not the TCM. Anyone have the main ECU for a US bike?
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    WTB Missing parts

    I just acquired a DN-01 in pieces. I was told it was complete, i.e. all parts were there, but sadly, not true. So, I have need of the following:- Headlight (3 light non US unit) & side/parking light COWL ASSY., FR. UPPER (to suit above headlight, mounts screen) Handlebars and upper and lower...
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    New to DN-01, not to Honda

    I used to work for Honda UK and have a few Hondas. Back in the day, I hated the CX500, was not keen on the Gold Wing and had the DN-01 been launched then, I would have laughed. But... How time changes things. I now have a couple of ageing Wings in my workshop, several CX650 specials to work on...