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    LOADED DN-01 For Sale

    Wife has decided to sell her baby. Her DN-01 is loaded and priced RIGHT!! See below:
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    It's too hot to ride the bikes and almost in the pickup truck too!!
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    Installed Whelen TIR3 Stoplight

    Installed a Whelen TIR3 & wired to the stoplight, used flash pattern #1. I noticed some of the Goldwingers using these at Wing Ding last year and it really makes the bike visible when stopping or more so while sitting stopped behind a line of traffic...
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    DN-01 For Sale on Memphis Craig's List

    Looking thru Craig's list tonight and ran across this DN-01 listed for $6,500. Bike has 1600 miles and is located in Oakland TN. Link:
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    Higher Spring Tension

    As Spring gets closer, our tension to ride more is increasing. How about yours?
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    GWRRA Region "H" Rally Marshall Texas

    GWRRA Region "H" Rally Marshall Texas is coming up soon March 29th thru March 31st. Sure hope the WX is good and we look for a good time! Hope we can meet some of you there.
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    Handguards ?

    Is anyone using Handguards or as some would call Barkbusters? If so which model and how did you connect it to the left handlebar without a clutch lever mount? Any input welcome.
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    Father pays Son not to Curse

    A father has a young son that kept running around the house and saying "Damn". After this went on for sometime the father told his son; "Son if you won't say Damn anymore I will give you a Quarter", the son said OK and was paid the Quarter. About an hour later the son came up to his father and...
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    Bark Busters

    Is anyone using bark busters and if so which models and how did you attach them to the left handlebar without a clutch mount? For winter riding we thought they would be nice to keep the cold wind off your hands/gloves. Any info will be appreciated.
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    Where was your last ride?

    Good Question for the group. Logging our trips might bring a little more activity to the board? JoAnn & I rode yesterday here in the Ozarks, her on her DN-01 & me on my XR-650L. We stopped by Sunrise Honda at Searcy, where they did the service letter of the spark plug cap replacements on her...
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    Twisties Are Fun Rides Sometimes

    Twisties are fun rides sometimes but not meeting someones new residence!! We are still having decent riding weather here and taking complete advantage. Although yesterday had a small test!! Met a 16ft wide trailer house atop a hill in a tight twistie to our right (trailers left) on a 20ft wide...
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    J&M CB Radio Installation

    Well, I really studied this CB Radio installation thing!!! My wife was missing more and more not being in contact with the other riders in our groups plus she really missed her tunes! I was worried about the JMB-2003 blocking the view thru the rear view mirror or looking out of place, sort of...
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    Harrison Arkansas Oct 6th, 7th & 8th

    Harrison Arkansas Oct 6th, 7th & 8th. Alot of the GL1800 folks are getting together, with the base of operations at the Days Inn in Harrison. Rides in the Ozarks will take place from there, then Saturday night @ 6:30PM there will be a hamburger supper and gift exchange. All type bikes...
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    Harley Rider Rides DN-01

    We have a good friend and business aquantance that rides a Harley come by today and we let him take the Dino for a ride. He was amazed and extremely complimentary!! Quote: "I have never ridden anything like that before in my life. That is the absolutely the smoothest bike I have ever been on...
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    GWRRA Wing Ding 2012 in Ft. Wayne

    GWRRA Wing Ding will be held in Ft. Wayne Indiana July 4th thtough the 7th, 2012 JoAnn & I attended the last Ft. Wayne (hosted) program in 2005. It is a very nice host city, program and location!
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    Bikes Blues & BBQ

    Bikes, Blues and BBQ is starting today September 28th and running through Saturday October 1st, 2011 in N.W. Arkansas.
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    Mississippi State GWRRA Rally

    The Misissippi State GWRRA Rally will be held October 13th through 15th, 2011 in Tupelo, MS.
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    Stebel Nautilus Compact Motorcycle Air Horn

    We covered being seen as a major safety factor with the Kisan headlight modulator and the Back-Off brake light modulator, but we also wanted to be heard, when the need arrises. So, I removed the factory "beep-beep" horn and installed the Stebel Nautilus Compact Motorcycle Air Horn (139db w/High...
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    The untold story of September 11th, 2001

    The largest boat lift in history video.
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    Which windshield are you using?

    Myself and probably a few others watching this forum would like to know which windshield you are running and the effects at you height? Maybe the results after changing if you have done so?