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    Hi Carl, try your luck selling it on our dedicated fb page...

    Hi Carl, try your luck selling it on our dedicated fb page:
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    gas milage mods?

    Going back to my history and the DN-01, I think I was one of the first that reported the obvious 'bump' at 80km/hr (roughly 50m/h). At the time, back in 2010, I took my bike to a Honda Power House dealer - where I had purchased the bike. The tech and I must have put on another 100 km running...
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    chain tensioner issue

    I agree Freddy, but I think if left without action, the camchain will be flapping around causing wear on the internals of the engine - this was a major concern with CX500's back in the day.... Once my camchain was replaced all is good - bike is now over 65,000 km and still running well...
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    Leaving in Drive mode?

    What 'Gizmo' said. Hitting the switch to select D or S is only necessary at start up, and then setting into N for neutral just before you shut her down. There is no 'need' to be switching while riding. Having said that.... once on the road, and preparing to pass, hitting the switch, and...
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    11 Jahre DN01

    Google Translate used: Hi I have been driving my DN for 11 years now I'm still excited about the great bike. Unfortunately I only have 1 driver in Germany found. Here in Germany there is even to buy brand new DN01 at the dealer. That's great. I had the opportunity to buy a 2nd one for a very...
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    Blinking oil pressure (low oil level light)

    I have to apologize that I didn't get onto this particular forum until now. The answer to the 'OIL' being displayed is NOT to do with parking on a slope - though that is part of it. What is going on - When you start your bike, the computer runs through a complete list of sensors. Those sensors...
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    New member - Need luggage ideas

    For anybody who might be interested. A nice compliment to the Givi cases is supplied by 'Admore Lighting'. You can modify your trunk and side cases with lights for brakes and turn signals.
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    hello just joined

    What 'gizmo' said. AND... I've had my bike laid up for 2 years solid - with my lithium Ion battery I start it every 3 or 4 months - and so far, I have not had a problem with either the fuel or even charging the battery.
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    Rattling noise coming from cockpit

    That is totally unexpected - right up there with the 'made in China' thing. Maybe a drop of rubber cement or something on those plastic clips/rivets.
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    These three words...

    Totally unexpected. I didn't notice when I had my front cowl off. I wonder if they are all made with wiring loom from China.
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    Center Stand

    None that I've ever heard about... let us know if you find something
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    Brand New DN-01

    When I was little, I was often told to go play in the traffic. Today, I like to 'play' in traffic. When I'm out and getting ready to pass a transport truck, Switching to manual mode, and dropping down a gear or two, makes the bike feel like a rocket... passing is a breeze. Releasing the 'mode'...
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    Thank YOU

    Are you Okay? I had a direct bump with a car's bumper on another bike - back in the '80s. It only cost about $200 back then for new forks. What is a broken DN-01 worth?
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    Hello from Campbell River, BC

    Always liked the red ones - they go faster too ! You haven't put the larger windshield on. Most of us found that the wind on our chest was excessive at highway speeds, and opted for the Givi or Puig screens.
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    Hello from Italy

    Full Honda DN-01 Service Manual. t It will show you how to disassemble the back end so you can figure out yourself how to install the back rest. Keep in mind, the rear handle on the back of your seat needs to be modified with two holes - about 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" each. For this reason, a) I found a...
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    Occasional squeal from engine?

    I had that happen to mine, four months after warranty was up. I took pictures, and submitted to Honda showing that the new one had been 'heat treated' where the spring attached, but the original one didn't show the heat treating. They covered the full repair.
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    New Owner possibly

    If questioned, you can refer to the Wikipedia article where it takes supply into account, and indicates front tire size is 120/70-17
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    New Owner possibly

    Welcome to the group, and you can't fail on a purchase of a nearly new Honda DN-01. You are correct on all points about tires... it's an age thing. However, manufacturers have stopped making the front in the specified size of 130/90-17. Most will end up with 120/90-17 and will be quite happy...
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    Hi from NW Ontario, Canada

    There is a trick to it. Under the rear of the bike, at the back light, but under the fender, there are two of those 'fender clip/pins'. These must be removed first before proceeding to remove any of the side panels.
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    If you click the 'donations' link just after our title, they have a goal of $25. (Forums........ What's New.......Members>>>>>>Donations) Is this for real? There seems to be a time limit of 3 more days - but this is the first I've heard. Just concerned if If it is legit, let me...