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  1. JG122

    2009 DN-01

    as a federal employee, facing a 20% pay cut due to the furlough, one of my three bikes has to go... I've tried selling both of the other two, but they aren't as marketable as (I hope) the Dino is :( black color, 410 miles, 100% coverage Honda warranty (with no deductible) until March 2014...
  2. JG122

    hard bag on passenger seat

    anyone know the brand/model of the one this guy has ?
  3. JG122

    a chopped DN-01 !

    if only we could have a translation... or more close-ups !
  4. JG122

    Suzuki Trike, Automatic Transmission
  5. JG122

    a review from Britain... ahh, what does he know :cool:
  6. JG122

    my maiden voyage

    I took my new dino for it's first ride yesterday, about 20 miles... all of it in "D" mode :) things I luv -- handling, acceleration, braking :cool: concerns -- I get a fair amount of vibration from the drivetrain, at idle & during "hard" acceleration... doesn't bother me in the least, but...
  7. JG122

    Honda of Chattanooga

    I rec'd my new dino last night, and can report that my experience with this dealership was very good. this was my 5th "remote purchase" (2 cars, 2 motorcycles) and also my smoothest. I'd previously had all sorts of problems with paperwork, misrepresentation of the condition of the vehicle...
  8. JG122

    New / Used DN-01's

    some observations (USA) : the red bikes are proving to be a much more difficult sell than the black bikes... the "price floor" on a new/leftover Dino seems to have settled at $8499... I've seen pre-owned DN-01's for as low as $4700, but it looks to me like their prices are tracking almost...
  9. JG122

    chopper / bobber, automatic transmission

    1983 Suzuki GS 450A this is a 2-owner, fully documented, custom built low-rider. included in the sale are the factory service manual, owner's manual, sales brochure, and all rec'ts. the motorcycle is completely street legal, highway driven, with a clean NJ title. it started life as a...
  10. JG122

    convert foot brake to handle bar ?

    I've seen that some Dino folks have taken the parts from a modern Silver Wing and put them on the left handle bar... anyone here done this conversion ?
  11. JG122

    color change ?

    seeing as how the North American models were only available in Black or Red, I'm wondering if anyone has painted theirs a different color...
  12. JG122

    handlebar extensions ?

    I forget where I saw it mentioned, but one guy said he installed these & that they "greatly improved the handling"...