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  1. BobF


    Welcome to the world of DN ownership. Enjoy your motorcycle! There are some good resources on this site, and some really friendly and helpful people.
  2. BobF

    fuel guage blinking issue

    Just asking - It could be just another reason for spluttering to a stop. Bad fuel is often the cause of such woes
  3. BobF

    fuel guage blinking issue

    One question - how old is the fuel in the tank? You mentioned it was idle for 2 months. Could the fuel be quite a lot older than that?
  4. BobF

    Buyers guide / common faults?

    Hi Freddy - That was my initial assumption when I saw that information when mine was showing the code. I guess we can't call for a re-print?
  5. BobF

    Buyers guide / common faults?

    I had this code recently. The bike cut out after just being started and would not re-start. I disconnected and removed the neutral pressure switch, cleaned it (it wasn't dirty), reconnected it and switched the ignition on then off again with the switch still off the engine. This must have re-set...
  6. BobF

    Original keys lost. Have new barrel and new keys and key code. Going to work?

    Excellent news - Thanks for keeping us up to date!
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    New Owner

    Welcome to the forum!
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    HFT Swash Plate electric motor

    As I mentioned in an earlier reply, this has been some great work from you guys. What would be useful to readers such as me is an overall summary and guide for this - i.e. what is the part number for the new motor, which parts are re-used from the original, and where the new oil seals are...
  9. BobF

    Hello from UK

    Welcome from the UK. If your annual mileage is not too high, the most you'll probably ever need to do to a DN-01 is just the regular oil and filter changes
  10. BobF

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome Ruud. Enjoy your DN-01 !!
  11. BobF


    Always use motorcycle oil, not car oil. The DN-01 has an automatic wet clutch, very similar to a "normal" clutch, which, I believe, requires additives that car oil does not or may not have, particularly in fully synthetic oil, which is a lot slippier. I have used a fully synthetic 10W-40...
  12. BobF

    hft transmission oil change

    I use fully synthetic motorcycle oil, with no problems. Another piece of advice - always switch off using the key and leave the kill switch in the "On" position.
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    Helo from Germany

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. BobF

    Another new member in Spain

    Welcome to the forum and DN Ownership!
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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. Although it's a fairly quiet forum these days, there is a lot of useful information that has been posted by keen DN-01 owners, which makes it a great resource for everyone.
  16. BobF

    Happy NY and merry Christmas.

    And a Happy New Year to all from Coventry, UK!
  17. BobF

    Melyik szenzor a rossz? HFT vagy olaj?

    The first thing that I would try is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then reconnect and see what happens. Always ensure the bike is on level ground. If still the same, follow the process in the manual to reset the HFT
  18. BobF

    Centre (high beam) light upgrade?

    Has anybody tried LED replacements all round?
  19. BobF

    Ein Neuer aus Leipzig

    Welcome to the forum!
  20. BobF

    Hello from Trondheim, Norway

    Welcome - I'm still happy with mine after 10 years of ownership!