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  1. zebra03

    The dreaded won't start bar in the display

    Starting to happen a little more frequently . Just what is the fix for this ?
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  3. zebra03

    Oil Changes

    How often is everybody doing their oil changes ? I go every 4000 miles .
  4. zebra03

    Spin-on oil filter number

    The Wix spin-on motor oil filter number is 51358 in case anybody needs to know .
  5. zebra03

    Need Candy Dark Red touch-up paint

    Anybody know where to get touch-up paint for my Candy Dark Red Dn-01 ? I scratched the damn thing . aaaarrrggghhhh
  6. zebra03

    Rear tire life expectancy

    I now have 6500 miles on my DN-01 and have come across something most strange . The drivers side of the rear tire is down to the cords . The face of the tire is worn but is still useful . But it looks like I have been doing circle track , left hand turns only . Anybody anything ?
  7. zebra03

    New shock I have no connection with this company .
  8. zebra03

    DN-01 removed from Honda website

    So what does it mean that the DN-01 has been removed the Honda motorcycle website ?
  9. zebra03

    Oil Change , Kinda

    Well , I changed oil yesterday ....kinda . I came up on 4000 miles and I just did not want to wait for 8000 miles to change my oil . IMHO , that is just too long an interval . So I changed the oil and the spin on oil filter . I did not bother with the HFT filter . I figured it will be OK until...
  10. zebra03

    Left hand protection

    Has anybody mounted a fake brake lever for hand protection on the left handlebar ? I don't think a pair of say Barkbusters would work at least looks wise .
  11. zebra03

    Longest ride so far !

    Recently , I was sent an e-mail from the dealership from where I bought my bike . The e-mail informed me that every Tuesday , the owner organized a ride for customers or anybody else who cared to show up . It also said food would be provided . The dealership is about 80 miles away , but i...
  12. zebra03

    Full Throttle shift from drive to sport .

    Every time I am in drive at full throttle and I switch to sport , the bike revs to 7 grand , jerks and then settles back down to 5000 rpm . Has anyone else experienced this ?
  13. zebra03

    Givi top case

    I got the E52 MAXIA in silver and now I Finally have storage on my bike . Holds a lot of stuff and looks good too.
  14. zebra03

    600 mile service

    When I bought my bike and it had 560 miles on it , I asked if it had its 600 mile service and they said yes . Now I am not so sure . I checked the 2 oil filters and there is no residue what so ever around them . Would the dealership have records on my bike and would they show them to me ? I am...
  15. zebra03

    Service Manual

    Has anyone purchased the service manual and did they think it was worth it ?
  16. zebra03

    New owner questions

    I just bought a used ( 560 miles ) 2009 Honda DN-01 and have to say what a wonderful bike . I got it for 2-up riding and it is been all good so far . A few questions . What originally came with the tool kit ? Mine seems sparse . What is the wire with the rubber cover for under the seat ? My...