2010 DN-01 for sale Glasgow Scotland


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Reluctantly I am selling my Honda DN-01. I have three bikes and cannot justify all three. I have owned this for 3 years and the bike has never missed a beat. Service book all stamped up and I will put another service on the bike for the new owner as well as a fresh MOT.
The bike comes with all the extras I could find of which there is not many, namely a full Givi top box and side pannier set ( circa £1100 new ), touring screen ( circa £150 )not shown in these pictures which is taller than the OEM one ( I still have ) which offers the rider far more wind protection, new rear shock by YSS Suspension ( £280 ) as after 12 years the OEM one just is not fit for purpose , Oxford heated grips albeit the left one stopped working but since I only drive my bikes in the summer this didn’t really bother me. With that comment ie summer use the bike now 12 years old is in rather good condition in my opinion. The fitting of the new shock made a huge difference to the bikes handling, okay it’s not a bike to get you knee down but it’s still a lot of fun on the windy twistys. Tyres are all good as well

The bike itself is really easy to drive and can be selected for auto use, semi auto and manual gears. The height of seat the means its comfortable for anyone from I reckon 5’ to 6’ tall to ride, the smaller you are the more protection the screen will give. We have toured Ireland and the Borders during the time we have owned the bike and its comfortable and economical to ride.

As a more ‘different’ looking bike it does attract attention and for a bike 12 years old it still doesn’t look dated because of the styling

I think I have covered everything so If interested give me a call. The bike is currently sorn’d , under cover, heated and on a battery optimiser. Mob 07974 690190



Too many bikes eh Cruising? I got a Dino last month - number 5 for me. I managed to make just enough space for it in the garage, along with bikes & 2 cars. I finished fitting a used vacuum operated cruise control to it yesterday just for the heck of it. Question about screens - the bike came with the large Givi screen but I find that it directs the wind straight to my helmet, making a lot of extra noise. If I sit lower of raise my head a bit the noise it significantly reduced. I've been looking for a used stock screen to fit and try but can't find one. Would you be will to part with the stock screen mail it to me in Australia? If so, send me a PM with costs please. Good luck with the sale


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Sorry my friend the screen is something I will be keeping just in case either I break the one I have or the new owner wants to put it back to stock