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I recently fitted cruise control to my Dino - not a throttle lock thingy but one that actually works properly. There are (or were) 2 types of CC kits suitable for motorcycle - vacuum operated and electronic. The vacuum type is no longer readily available but worked well in most application.

MCruise in Australia started supplying vacuum CC kits some years ago for a range of bikes and subsequently changed to electronic units. The Audiovox CCS-100 was a universal vacuum kit suitable for most bikes. I have this on 3 of my bikes and have previously fitted it it to a handful of other bikes successfully. These days the Rostra electronic unit (which I have on my 1400GTR and have fitted to a Kaw VN1600) is what's available and works well on bikes. (also available on Amazon)

It needs one of these touch pads which, bizarrely, do not come in the kit and are way over priced when purchased as a separate item.

or this comes with touch pad.

I actually fitted a used Audiovox unit to my Dino. Fitting either vacuum or electronic is similar but fiddly and time consuming - I have plenty of the latter these days.

The most critical part of the process is getting the throttle connection right, both for safety and performance.

Here's a pic of the first attempt on the Dino to give you the idea. (I'll put a pic of the modified connection when I get the seat off next.)

Here's a pic of how the CC cable is now. In the above pic you'll see a black cable tie attached to a lug and the CC cable wraps further round out of sight, I had attached the loop on the CC cable end to the lug for the idle speed adjuster. I knew that wouldn't be satisfactory so it was repositioned to the lug that tie is on. I had to put a knot in the cable to shorten it a bit. The red tie you see in the pic below is there only to keep the joiner in place. The attaching loop on the CC cable end is prevented from slipping off by a small tie. This pic is taken from below - the one above from above.
T cable2.jpg
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Here's some more pix if interested. Note that the CC touch pad is not water proof. I simply fit a small plastic bag over it and secure it with a twist tie if rain looks imminent.

CC pad.jpg

Wheel speed sensor and 2 magnets (since painted black) needed for Audiovox kit - may not be needed for Rostra kit as it has greater a capacity for PPM (pulses per mile) sensing from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). The Dino VSS reads the gear teeth in the angle drive at the transmission drive shaft. Audiovox can read a max of only 8000PPM whereas the new Rostra can read up to 30,000ppm? I believe which may be ok for the Dino as it is on my 1400GTR which also reads gear teeth in the same location. If in doubt, fit the wheel speed sensor as below and set dip switch 10 OFF (down) for 2000PPM. (One model of Rostra has 12 dip switches I believe - I am not familiar with it, though it's probably suitable.)
wheel sensor.jpg

Clamp holding CC cable to throttle cable can be seen here.
Throttle clamp.jpg
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Here's the Rostra wiring diagram which is the one I used for my 1400GTR. Obviously the clutch wire is not used.

Because Dino has LED stop lights a Changeover relay needs to be wired into the circuit to enable it to function.

The Rostra unit has 10 tiny switches (called dip switches) which need to be set for satisfactory operation with some trial & error. Using the setting below worked perfectly on my GTR and should be good for Dino too, except for switch 9 which would need to be UP for ON, being auto transmission. The fitting instruction that come in the kit explain the function of each switch.

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Here's where the Audiovox control unit & vacuum tank is mounted. The Rostra unit can be mounted there too and obviously doesn't need a vac tank.
CC mounted.jpg
The plastic cover was refitted and the control unit touched up with black paint to match.

An internet search will reveal MANY hits for CC fitting to bikes.
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