G’day, SE Queensland DN01 owner here!


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G’day my name is Steve and I recently bought one of these fantastic motorcycles. I am 69 years old and have had a stroke and had to sell my sports bikes. I’ve been riding my wife’s Vespa and her Honda CB 500 XA since the stroke but I felt like something in the mid range 700 to 850 size category and once I rode the DN01 that was it. Bought it same day. 24,000Klms and had been serviced by my local independent expert workshop.

I love this bike but I do live in a hot climate and sometimes ride it locally in sandals and shorts. Of course the exhaust cooks my right leg. I was wondering if anyone has found a solution to that?

I am thinking of removing that chrome plastic cover and putting some VHT Type directly into the steel exhaust and then hopefully replacing the chrome plastic.

Has somebody already found a solution to this problem?

Is there something else I should do?

Thanks Mods and Members!