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Greetings to all.
Well, the excitement is rapidly building......
While looking for a small(ish) cruiser to replace my FJR I stumbled upon the Dino.
While looking at Hyosung, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda(CTX) this little puppy reared its head.
What in the heck is a DN-01 I said out loud??
Google is your friend they say so.... OH MY, LUST AT FIRST SIGHT!!!
Coming from many sports bikes as well as cruisers, all of large capacity and power this was going to be a big leap of faith.
Of the 2 dozen or so bikes I have owned over the past 12 years the Hyosung GT650 and the Suzuki GSXR600 were the smallest capacity!!??
Nevertheless I needed something smaller, easier to handle, cheaper to register and run...and...WOW auto tranny.
One thing less to distract me on a ride while still having FUN.
"SHE", who has yet to be named, arrives on Saturday at my door for me to lust over.
This would have to be the best looking bike I have ever owned.
Already ordered parts for the compulsory upgrades with more to come.
Looking forward to reading what everyone has to say (have already read most of the posts) and hope to be able to contribute when I fit gear and find new stuff
Cheers all from the Hunter Valley in beautiful downtown OZ

Hi Pete
I have owned my dino for about 4 months and love it. I too have owned in excess of 20 bikes including many beemers, fjr's and bandits and a few cruisers.
Where in the Hunter are you located. I live at Wallsend. I have never seen another dn01 in Newcastle.
Cheers dinoles.

Thanks Gizmo.
Hi Dinoles, I'm up the valley in Muswellbrook.
Been there just on 2 years.
Probably coming down to Newcastle maybe Monday to check out a motorcycle lift at a store in Islington.
When she turns up around midday on Saturday from Sydney I will be checking her out and taking a few measurements etc etc.
I've already got some stuff ordered from here and there so when it all turns up in a week or 2 I'll be stripping her down, giving her a good clean and fitting the bits and pieces.
When I checked her out last Saturday in Sydney I noticed some fading of the paintwork on the rear grab handle cover (the bit with Honda on it).
Not sure what to do about it as if that's faded all the upper surfaces probably have too, although it's not noticable.
Getting a new one may not be a bright idea as it won't match the rest.
I'll give her a good detail next week...will take me a few days.
I'm on the verge of ordering a seat bag from the USA which might cover the whole thing over, so I'll be checking that this weekend too.
Good to be back playing with a new toy again.
Haven't done that since I bought the FJR 2 years ago

G'day Pete
If your like me you'll probably end up with a topbox I have a givi it covers a lot of the rear of the bike.
I bought a bikelift from Islington not having much luck lifting the dino with it. There is only a limited area under the bike for the jack and it's to far forward and only lifts the front of the bike. The jack itself is good quality. I'm trying to come up with other ways to lift the whole bike
Cheers Les.

No top box for me.
I dislike them intensely.....
Personally I think they spoil the lines of ANY bike and upset the weight distribution, especially when loaded. But that's ME.
I've had several bikes with them, Victories, Goldwing, VFR800.
They came off when I got them home on the first day and got buried in the back of the garage, except the Goldwing which was part of the structure.
I had a Victory Vision power cruiser well before they brought out the F6B.:)
I'm looking at a smaller "soft" bag which holds its shape.
Lower, and I won't be able to load it up with useless crap that I never use.
I only ever do day trips anyway.
I emptied out the panniers on the FJR the other week when I put it up for sale and I couldn't believe what I had in them.
I'll be doing a lot of research on the lifting problem when I get the bike tomorrow