New DN01 owner from Belgium


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Hi There,
My name is Dominique, I'm French but I have been living in nearby Belgium for the last 18 years. I am the lucky new owner of a DN01 from 2010 with 7000km (1500miles) on the clock.
My other bikes are a Bonneville T90 Sixty and a Kawasaki Zephyr 750 Heritage, so yes I'm definitely into bikes you don't see around every street corner. The DN01 has always appealed to me, but somewhat I always feared that the drive would not live up to its amazing looks. Finally, after some motorcycle holidays with my wife I considered buying something more comfortable for that. Several bikes were considered, but in the end I thought of the DN01 as an option. I also spotted the ad of a guy selling his with very low mileage and at a very decent price. We went to test-ride it and we fell in love immediately. So here it is now, in front of our house since one week.
Glad to be part of the sect of the DN01 worshippers.


Hi Dominique, glad to see another Frenchie around. I went through Belgium two weeks ago and had a good time there - but I must say the roads are in terrible condition ! Coming from the Netherlands on a rainy day was a bit of a shock ;)
Have a great time with your DN !


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Great story. I have never heard of the K Zephyr.
I bought a DN01 last month. Red. 24,000Klms.
local known expert servicing,
I loved it
brought it home.
wife rode it
loved it
now my second one arrives next week.

australia here