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I have been riding street bikes for over 40 years and I was looking for something different (current bike is a Honda Shadow Spirit 1100). My son was looking at a Honda CTX700 as he doesn't like the manual shifting. The idea of an automatic intrigued me so I started to look for one as well. I went to a small motorcycle shop owned by a husband and wife team nearby that had a CTX for sale. The CTX that they had was black and naked; it also had a chain drive which I hate, but since it was for my son I thought that he should make the decision.

While I was there I saw this gorgeous red motorcycle in the back and I asked what it was. Of course it was a DN-01, but I had never heard of this bike before. He told me that it was an automatic like the CTX, but a different technology. I loved that it had floorboards and shaft drive. The previous owner had installed a full set of Givi saddlebags and trunk, along with a Givi windshield. All the Givi bags are removable so I can ride it with or without. Both of the gripes in the original reviews of the Dino were the lack of storage and the windshield being too small. Check and check. The bike had 7200 miles on the clock.

I went home and read up on the DN-01; of course not a lot of reviews, but I did find this forum and I read every post. I would like to thank every one in this community that has contributed as I knew what I was getting into based on the knowledge gleaned from this site.

I returned later that week and bought it. Of course there was no information or service records included so I immediately ordered the parts that I would need to service the cooling system and change the oil. This week I was able to do the maintenance for my piece of mind. The coolant that was in the bike was green so I flushed it and replaced it with the Honda HP blue. I used the Honda GN4 10W40 (it gets hot in NC), K&N oil filter and a Honda OEM HFT filter. I also changed the shaft drive oil and installed a K&N air filter. I am averaging 52 MPG.

It was difficult working with all of the body panels, but I think that I can do it faster next time as I am familiar with the process now. One of the trim clips was broken underneath the cowl below the radiator so I went to Lowe's and bought some GM gray push fasteners with a wide head. I replaced both of the under cowl trim clips with these and they fit snug and tight. Cheap, too.

I have made one modification to the bike due to the seating position. I found that after 50 miles my back would start hurting, this happens on my Shadow as well so it is probably just me. After searching on the forum I found the Utopia backrest and ordered one. I have a friend who does upholstering so he assisted me with reattaching the vinyl back on the seat. Then came the part where I had to cut the seat, but it went fine and the installation looks like a factory job. The backrest is very comfortable and all of the back pain is gone. I highly recommend it!


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Welcome. You're definitely doing it right. The forum is small and quiet but we probably know almost everything you need.

I wanted to include some pictures of the Utopia backrest:

The backrest is fully adjustable (which takes one ride to get it where you need it). I did not get the quick release option, but by removing the hinge bolt in the first picture it comes right off. Also included is a nice storage pouch on the back for your passenger.

I have the same backrest. I wish they cam with a spring attachment to keep it in the upright position. I see you holding it for the picture - as mine does- they sort of flop forward if you are not sitting in place.

It is really frustrating, especially when you're standing to pass some bad road, like you're doing it on offroad bikes, trying to sit back, and there is this *king backrest fall forward) Yet, it's really good and comfortable, while you're not trying to do something, DN wasn't designed for :)