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Hi Folks,
As I said, I'm new to the forum and to the forum format, so I seem to be blundering around. I am very seriously thinking of buying a VERY low mileage DN-01. Only 1,750 KM. Guy bought it early in 2012 for his wife. She became ill and it has been sitting ever since. In 2013, he took it to a local motorcycle shop (not a dealer), who has let it sit in the showroom. It was last ridden in the rain and never even cleaned, and I think that was probably in 2013. I don't know if the first maintenance check was ever done, if the gas was drained before placing it in the showroom or what service it may have had.

So, what are the thoughts of folks who have a DN-01?

Would this be a good bike to put a low offer on?
How much for a first offer?
What problems might I expect, other then the fuel system will probably need to be cleaned and a new battery.
What sort of gas mileage or KM range do you get on your bike?

Any sort of info that would be helpful would be appreciated. I have read all the current posts.


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Dunno what sort of offer to put in to be honest as these bikes seem to be invincible and will only go up in value. Mine is now worth 1.5k more than I paid but maybe I got lucky. Yes they have faults which I think we as a forum have covered and solved. I personally would look on ebay n other places for prices and go from there. The dealer can only say no , good luck.
P.S If you do buy insist on new plug caps as that is a fault which honda knows about :)