Odd parts


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Hello everybody,

I have a Honda DN-01. Yesterday it was parked on a public parking.
When I was leaving, I noticed these parts lying on the ground near my front wheel. They were very rusty and looked like some parts of the braking system.
Surprisingly enough, there were no issues with the braking.

So, the question is: might be these things fall off of my bike?



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Those are some very badly worn brake pads! Probably wouldn't stop your bike. Just give a visual inspection to your calipers to reassure yourself they aren't from your bike!


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Karen, thanks for the reply.
Looked as close as I can - can't see anything suspisious.
Also, I checked the spare parts manual - DN-01 breaking pads are looking a bit different.
So, just wanted to make sure...


This could fall from 30 years old bike, which standed under the sky for all 30 years but never from DN-01. I assume that this is brake pad and pad heat shield.