Speed numbers not correct (Speedo Healer)


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In one point those small things start to annoy, especially if there appear not only single one of them. Like speedometer showing wrong.
Nowadays everybody seem to drive relayd on speed numbers based on GPS readings, at least so it looks on road.
I did check and noticed DN speedometer shows 6.9...7% higher than GPS speed reading. Like I had to ride at 107 kmh and then I knew the real speed was 100 kmh.
This counting started to bother my attention too much away from more imoprtant things while riding.

So I decided to install the famous Speedo Healer thing.

Installation went pretty easy, at first glance. Because after installation I immediately got some troubles as this thing did not work: despite it was starting up, it did not pass speed signals.
I did a little slow test drive around my garage and bike was still moving. When went out to public road I noticed bike behaved weirdly, like it was stuck in some intermediate gear - hard take-off and low restricted endspeed. No speed reading on speedometer. Decided because the Speedo Healer not passing speedo reading bike was stuck in kind of "limp home"-mode.

Everything on DN relys on speed reading, this bike just can't be operated normally without speed information.

The support desk at Healtech was responsive, but not very informative. Like they really did not know typical problems that may appear with their product.
After taking closer look at things I noticed the adapter cable of Speedo Healer had low quality male socket, not entering the center pin (of three) into place deep enough. Female side of the adapter wire is good.
Corrected this and things started to work as should. Set on Speedo Healer "-6.90%" adjustment and comparing to GPS everything look right now.
Yes, the odometer reading will be 6.9% lower now, also calculated fuel consumption numbers will be somewhat different, but I can live with this. No need to re-calculate in head the speed reading all the time, more attention left free to concentrate on traffic around and just enjoy the ride.
Speedometer signals are related to rear wheel at the DN so I think everybody can use the -6.9% correction, as long the rear tyre size is 190/70ZR17.


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