Touring version? Was it real?


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Respectful Common Knowledge from FB took a look at the photo and said out oppinion, that on the left side of the photo below is kind of a "touring version" of DN-01 Honda produced for some (unknown yet) market area.
Question goes: had anybody seen with their own eyes this touring version of DN with OEM high windscreen and nicely fitted OEM side cases? Or is it just another concept pre-production version? Even photoshop perhaps..?
I mean we all have seen photos from the Tokyo Motor Show 2005 when Honda first showed a concept later became DN-01. The concept bike on Tokyo show photos is quite much different from production bike, but these bikes on the photos below look almost similar, except some nice touring equipment and side winkers.
Right side is production version of DN-01 we use to have and see in real life.



AFAIK the Touring was just a concept. But as it features the standard Honda optional luggage, I suppose it would be fairly easy to make tailor-made brackets to fit the factory panniers. I've been looking into it and found a Japanese guy who did it :
But I think it would be even classier if using a setup similar to the CTX 700 :
The huge tubing disappears in favour of two pin brackets (attached around the passenger footpegs) and two brackets fixed under the seat, exiting between the passenger handles. Then there's a hollow tube fixed on each pannier, to insert on the footpeg pins.
The setup would be much less bulky than the GIVI !