Why do you ride a bike?


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I was wondering why is the reason that, at this moment in time, some of the older forum contributors ride a bike, particularly a Harley or more-so, an American Ironhorse / chopper / cruiser, Big Dog etc?
What is the attraction? and how did you "become" a biker? Is it in the blood or did you just wake up one day and decided to become a biker?

Personally, my Dad was a despatch rider in WW2 and he liked the Norton motorcycle he rode that much, that after the war, he purchased an army surplus Norton. He rode the same bike until 1993 when health got the better of him. I used to go on the back when I was a kid and loved it. Around 12 - 13 years old, me & my pals would buy used scooters / mopeds for around 25p - that's approx $1 in those days, and ride them around the back streets and on waste ground.....Great!

Around 1971 there was a bad-ass back patch club that started up in town and they were a bunch of mean muthas. Approx average age was 8 years older than me and they rode B.S.A., Triumph etc choppers / custom ( home made ), and got respect everywhere. Anybody who has watched ' Sons of Anarchy' on TV ..... well that sort of thing.

It looked real cool and I couldn't wait til I was old enough. But they had finshed within 3 years.

I had my first 'sickle at 16 and rode what I could afford ( nothing special ) and rode to work in snow & ice just like my Dad. Over the years progressing to different & better bikes, usually choppers if possible, inspired by the past.

Any custom bike purchase now in the U.K is mega bucks. I turned my eye to ebay motors and found the American Ironhorse. I imported a great bike from U.S.

Biking is in the blood. A few pals have passed away on the long 'road trip', others long left motorcycling behind them. But there's nothing like a cruise in the sunshine on a bike you admire, with friends or by yourself.

Never too old..........

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I started riding dirt bikes (age 5)with my dad. 16 I got my bike licence before car licence I have had over 30 motorbikes and all sorts.
I now ride a triumph thunderbird 1700cc and my wife after 17 years on the back of my bikes got here licence and she rides the dn01.
I just love riding and I don't care where as long as im on my bike im having a ball.
I have to say that the dn01 is one of the best bikes all-round I have ever rode. I hope to be riding for a long time yet.


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What a great question!
I can think of several reasons why I ride but none of them make sense on their own. Even any attempt to make sense of all of these reasons togehter is deemed futile.
In the end, I choose not to examine this any more.
Some of the best things in life should never try to be explained or rationalised, just enjoyed for what they are and the way it makes you feel.


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Why do ride a motorcycle? Because it a better way. I can take a short ride and feel like I have had a mini vacation. When weather and darkness has come up as a reason to come their way I've been asked , why don't you take your car. The best answer I have is, because I have a motorcycle. It's never stop me from the ride. Some of us Just Know!


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why i ride

first and foremost i ride for the economy of it. been riding since 1965 and then it was the only way a kid could afford to get around(especially on what i was making then). now i ride for the stress relief. when i leave work for the ride home(20 miles) i can forget all about the aay wholes i work with and put the day behind me. my bike has destressed me many times over the years for many things and i'm goin' for a ride now!!


Nothing better or more freeing than riding a bike . I especially like riding thru small towns and just the smells of campfires and BBQ's cooking is great .


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Why ride a bike

Hi all I started to get the bug when I was 9 the next door neighbor had 3 sons , one was bike mad and had a500cc Norton , which I sat on the back of Since then
I have all ways had a bike many many models all types sport tourer cruisers Bmw gs vincent v rods 1800 susuki motorcycle combination Kawasaki 1200
This is my 2nd DNO-1 amithist 1st now a black one ( some pics on forum curtsies of Spitfire) I think biking keeps you young alert and helps keep your reactions sharp I am nearly 73 and hope I can keep riding until something tells you it's time to hang your helmet up! Safe riding to all and watch out for the tin tops out there (cars). Dotnick


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Here in mountain country is a big problem with parking. Its a first reason to ride here on a bike.
Another reason - my over-10-years riding exp and 2-years car driving...
and last: it so cool to be a woman with teological degree and ride a bike in a patriarchal country lol


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Cos I can, and there's no-one around anymore to tell me I can't!!!
I'm nearly 70, retired and I do what I want when I want...or not!
Oh happy days..........


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I think the ride is very comfortable, because there will be wind And I love to ride to travel, convenient, comfortable and economical.


I Started riding when i was 20, had major Accident, my baby was born and them stoped.

couple of year ago decided to return, best thing i ever did :)

started with a Burgaman 400, changed to a BMW R1200 and now on a DN-01.

I ride because i love it, i do everything on my bike, almost every weekend we go touring somewhere.

i love my DN-01, but still few upgrade i need to make it more confortable for me (backrest and some extra foot pegs (i am 1.85 and this bike is made for people with short legs)