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    Bobbob replied to the thread Buyers guide / common faults?.
    I'm wondering if the oil seal (O ring) had failed & allowed moisture to get into the motor? Might be worth replacing the seal...
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    Bobbob reacted to antiquus's post in the thread hi from wales, UK with Like Like.
    i currently own a 650 kawasaki versys, a 600 yamaha fazer, 3 cb750 hondas and a 500-4, all of which i'm unable to ride! my foot began...
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    Hi guys, I currently ride a BMW F700gs, but i'm test riding a 2010 DN-01 this weekend. I love the looks of it, & genuinely hope i enjoy...
  • JimBob
    Is anyone in this forum used power commander on the Dino? If so what kind of results did you get?
  • JimBob
    JimBob replied to the thread Brand New DN-01.
    I commute roughly 26 miles both ways to work every day. It rides smooth it's stable as a rock and I like the fact that I can grab the...
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    I sold the bike a few years back but I'm cleaning out the garage and I have 2 still in the wrapper. $25+shipping. Email...
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    tlyons replied to the thread Very SLOW acceleration......
    Is it throwing a DTC? (Diagnostics Trouble Code.) The DLC connector is shown on 135 here...
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    tlyons replied to the thread Upgrade in power.
    No endorsement because I haven't done it but Dynojet makes a tuner: If you...
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    spamer80 replied to the thread Hi from NW Ontario, Canada.
    And they sucks very much. The one thing I absolutely hate in DN is that plastic clips.
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    spamer80 replied to the thread NEW MEMBER NEED HELP.
    Is it better for you to ordsr from eu or us? Us parts are actually cheaper, I've ordered such parts on Partzilla.
  • aboynamedsue
    aboynamedsue replied to the thread Rear cowling removal.
    There are 2 plastic panel poppers to be removed from underneath the mudguard, which could be hard to see if theres road crud present...
  • BobF
    BobF replied to the thread NEW MEMBER NEED HELP.
    Honda main dealers should stock it or order it for you. However, I got my recent one from David Silver in the UK, as non-stock it had to...
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    cruising replied to the thread Upgrade in power.
    thank you for the reply ...I'll leave well alone !!!
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    Gizmo replied to the thread Upgrade in power.
    I can tell you that removing the Catalytic Converter does NOTHING to improve the power! Pretty much stuck with what you got. The DN-01...
  • Lanmatrix
    Lanmatrix posted the thread NEW MEMBER NEED HELP in Main Lobby.
    Hi Everyone I'm Zailan from Malaysia, I bought a 2012 use Honda DN-01 with 9K KM and just do some service with oil and filter change so...