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Greetings from Moldova's only officially registered DN-01!!!
Great, we are about only 30 in Canada... but this bike is so wonderful... enjoy !
Hi I am from the Caribbean i have my DN-01 for 2 years now. Great to be on this forum
Bikes history: Suzuki DR125, Honda CB500, Yamaha R6, Honda 600hornet, another CB500, Suzuki 600GSR, Honda CB1000R, and Honda DN-01
Trying to find other DN-01s in Oklahoma. I am in Oklhoma a City.
Where are you located?
Interested in. Ride?
Dale Smith
Hi Karlak50 do you live in Sudbury ? Is it near the Saltbox Cafe , if so we vist the cafe every 1 Sunday of the month we have black dno1 Givi screen , givi rear rack . This is the 2nd one we have owned ,bought one new in 2009 from hunts Manchester Dot nick
i just got my valv problem , paid 2000 canadian dollar to adjust and repair the noise from valv dont know why ? the noise cant disapper when warm up . any one have the same ? got 30000 km only .
Hi just wondered if you are going to set up a DN-01 club I would be interested and only live a short journey from you if you fancy a ride out sometime Malk
Hello, I am wondering if you are the lady on a red DN-01, with her husband who was on his Bergman, I met a couple of years ago at Subway in Stewiacke. We spoke about the new NM4 Vultus. You (the lady I spoke with), said she might be selling her bike if she liked the Vultus. Well the first Vultus in Nova Scotia to sell was just the other day. Was that you. In any event, if I recall correctly you had a Corbin seat. I sure would like to ask a number of questions about the DN-01. If you wouldn't mind. If you prefer off line, my email is [email protected] Thanks
Sorry folks if I seem a little slow. I'm very new to this computer format, although I have been riding motorcycles for close to five decades. I am in Nova Scotia, Canada and am seriously considering the purchase of a DN-01 and therefore looking to this forum for info that the Honda Dealer will never share. Please be patient with me and my many questions. Thanks in advance, looking forward to your posts.
hi lenny, how long have you had your dn-01 ?
were you in durham the other week only i saw another dn-01

hi im 5years owner for 2 dn01. i have been own pc800 , bmw rt ,lt honda silverwing,burgman,yamaha tmax.but dn is the final choice . like a fellow on youtube said test ride befor make a comment.i install a givi windscreen and add a lid on top rid on highway .protection just like bmw rt .very quiet .trust me this is the best way to improve dn worst point.
Help please my Dino is stuck in d mode it wont go back into neutral even when turned ignition off then on...please help ive checked fuse and solenoid contacts..
Hi I'm new to this forum and to riding my Bike. Now that I have a bit of experience would love to meet up with you guy's and go for a ride.
Has anyone put a trike kit on the DN-01? If so, what brand? If so, do you like the ride and handling?