Looking at buying a 2010 Dn-01


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Hi guys, I currently ride a BMW F700gs, but i'm test riding a 2010 DN-01 this weekend. I love the looks of it, & genuinely hope i enjoy the test ride. Is there anything i need to be looking out for? The bike only has 2100miles, & I've been told by the dealer that it is in mint condition.


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Hi Bobbob, just going through emails and saw your question. I have had mine for a little over a year also with low mileage ( or km from my part of the world ) so I can’t comment on any mechanical or technical issues. I just use the auto shifting but would Hope you gave it a bit of a test in ‘manual’ mode. The transmission is its special feature but is likely to become the item of concern also with under use. I have an F800ST. Definitely a different riding position. I would like shorter bars but have not seen anyone else do this.
Happy riding!