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Going to view a Dn01 at the end of the month with a view to purchase. Just a few questions,
Is there a service manual available to either purchase or download,
Bike is extremely low mileage, anything i should check out in particular,
its on original tyres which i would change due to age not condition, any recommendations ?
Any issues with luggage. i would intend to fit the givi side cases and top box carrier.
Possibly will export bike to Spain if purchased so its predominantly going to be used for sunny day riding with the occasional tour away, will be hooked up to a battery tender when not in use, any issues with this.


Welcome to the group, and you can't fail on a purchase of a nearly new Honda DN-01.
You are correct on all points about tires... it's an age thing. However, manufacturers have stopped making
the front in the specified size of 130/90-17. Most will end up with 120/90-17 and will be quite happy.
Do yourself a favour - invest in a 'Lithium Ion' Battery. I neglected my bike for 18 months, and didn't do any 'end of
season' checks or preparation. With the 'old gas' she started right up - not so much as a tender or recharge.

It seems there are a couple of different things available, but the Givi kit is the best going.


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Thanks for the reply, will have a look at the tire sizes. Need to see how that works with the Spanish metriculation/vehicle checks as they are fairly strict on things being 'standard'


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I'll certainly book mark that. All depends on what's on the certificate of Conformity from Honda. They are that strict that the measure it, length and height so the givi screen may have to come off as they take the measurements again from the CoC. Then they weigh it as well then photograph it to take a record. Strict isn't the word.