Rattling noise coming from cockpit


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I was for some time wondering about some rattling noise coming from somewhere cockpit area while starting to move the bike and on slow speeds. It feels like kind of related to engine rpm, but not directly, not always and the rattling disappears when road speed is getting a bit higher than 15-20 kmh. It started to be annoying, despite the rattling seems to have unharming character, I mean nothing fell off and otherwise all seems nice. I had a choice to drive two DN's and them bothe make this same rattling. It is not very loud either but you can hear it thru your helmet.
Yesterday while was taking off the nose covers I discovered this phenomena. The plastic making this rattling is a speedometer cover. Some rubber washers under the plastic rivets will obviously solve this annoying noise source.


That is totally unexpected - right up there with the 'made in China' thing. Maybe a drop of rubber cement or something on those plastic clips/rivets.