What level of MC boots to get/wear?


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Hi, I have a pair of Joe Rocket boots (http://leatherup.com/p/Mens-Motorcycle-Boots/Joe-Rocket-Black-Big-Bang-Boot/84996.html) and a pair of Vega touring boots (http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/3/11/94/69/ITEM/Vega-Touring-Boots.aspx?WT.ac=SLIsearch).

My riding pants are (http://www.revzilla.com/product/fieldsheer-mercury-20-pants) and my jacket is a http://www.revzilla.com/product/tour-master-epic-jacket) Hi-Vis-Yellow.

My friends say that neither boot has the best protection for riding. They are mostly sports bike riders even though we mostly ride street and back roads. They suggest I get Sidi boots (http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/1/36/109/ITEM/Sidi-Vertigo-Boots.aspx?WT.ac=SLIsearch).

For my type of riding (country roads, back roads, a fwy every now and then-Never OFF ROAD or RACING) should I invest in the Sidi boots?


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Safety Boots

I would buy the safest boots in the shops, as they could save your feet one day, there is no substitute for safety.:)


Kerwin, my opinion is both boots you already have are fine. It really comes down to the kind of riding you're doing and the style you want to be seen wearing ;^)

Those Sidi boots are real nice but you're not going to be dragging pegs or seriously pushing it on track days. That Joe Rocket boot is great because you've got some serious thickness and traction on the sole- meaning they'll last a long time and give you good footing when you stop and have to back up, like when parking on a challenging surface.

Sukuta Girl went down once on a road that abruptly changed from pavement to gravel- on the other side of a hill. She got her foot caught under the floorboard of her SilverWing but her boot saved her from serious injury. She was wearing a HD branded Red Wing boot, the Brakeman, very similiar to your Joe Rocket. That was almost 5 years ago and she still wears those boots now.

Any cruiser boot will be fine on the Dino because you don't have to worry about fitting your toe under a shifter. Wearing an expensive sportbike boot like that Sidi on the Dino may be a little flashy and overkill, but in the end it's your feet and your decision on how to gear up. ATGATT is the most prepared way to ride!

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